Mutlu Özdemir is experienced as a sales consultant and administrative specialist in various sectors including insurance, marketing and consumer goods. He plans to establish Özdemir Danışmanlık Limited, which provides sales, marketing and business development consultancy. The business will be established in Chislehurst, England’s South East London area with a starting capital of £ 2,500.

Özdemir has a theme in the region and has already started networking activities to gain customers with the start of the business. It expects to generate revenue from day one through prospective clients and ongoing marketing activities including website development, networking events, and social media presence.

The entire company will be owned by Mr. Mutlu Özdemir as manager with accounts managed by an accounting company with a virtual office in Chislehurst. In the first year, the director will focus on building strong professional relationships in Chislehurst and greater London, with year-end sales of £ 31,546 at the end of the third year, increasing sales by 10 percent each year.


Mutlu Özdemir worked for 7 years as a sales consultant and administrative expert in various sectors including insurance, marketing and consumer goods. Throughout his work experience he has been the driving force behind generating new sales and developing business opportunities.

He helped his companies acquire new customers and sell complementary products and services. As part of his last job as an Administrative Specialist and Sales Coordinator at Günece İnşaat, he helped the sales team achieve monthly sales targets and managed important documents while communicating relevant information within the company.

Özdemir has a professional and approachable personality focused on sales growth and an in-depth understanding of marketing strategies. An entrepreneurial professional who is self-motivated and has the ambition to be successful.